Helenbergh has not only been adhering to a nationwide business development, but also focusing on extension of regional operations in key cities across the Pearl River Delta Region, the Yangtze River Delta Region, the Jing-Jin-Ji Region, the Western China Region and the Central China Economic Region. With over two decades of dedication in real estate development and the existent six classic residential product series, Helenbergh will make greater efforts to ensure a targeted positioning of customer segments and meticulously develop brand-new residential product series: Royal Paradise Series, Jardin Series and Joy (or Paradise) Series.So far, Park View has formed a territory in nearly 20 cities by deploying projects in cities such as Shanghai, Zhongshan, Chengdu, Kunming, Taizhou, Jinhua and Chongqing, which have become the label and signature of Helenbergh in these cities.


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