Helenbergh Commercial Group Announced Strategic Cooperation with JD Mall in Kunming Helen World

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The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Helenbergh Commercial Group and JD Mall was held successfully in Kunming Helen World on September 7, 2022. Heads of Guandu District Government, Kunming and representatives of China Holdings Limited, Helenbergh Commercial Group and JD Mall attended the event, joined by representatives of excellent merchants of Kunming Helen World and press media.

Zhang Lanzhi, deputy general manager of Helen World

Zhang Qionglan, general manager of JD 5Star (Yunnan) Electric Group

Ms. Zhang Qionglan signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Wang Zhen, deputy general

manager of JD 5Star Electric

Representatives of the government, JD.com and Helenbergh attended the ceremony

The settlement of JD Mall in Kunming Helen World business district has become a hot topic in the commercial property industry recently. The project was incorporated by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government into its three-year action plan to promote consumption and stabilize growth. It also indicates that the overall development of the Helen World has drawn the attention of government officials and local authorities at all levels. Helenbergh’s commercial operations infer its robust capacities and project operation capability despite the recurrent pandemic. A successful commercial brand or product line frequently mentioned by the market must have a distinctive feature to stand out. Helen World highlights innovative operations with the idea of “creating the trend”, and it redefines the consumer experience and the aesthetics of life.

After years of exploration, Helenbergh Commercial launched the first flagship project of Helen World in Kunming, Yunnan. After 10 months of hard work, Helen World has attracted over 150,000 members, receiving more than 15 million visitors and registering above 800 million yuan in turnover. The project also introduced the brand Helenbergh to 1 billion and more Internet users. Besides, Kunming Helen World won many awards in China: Outstanding Commercial Space Design of Creative Landmark, Best Commercial Complex of the Year, Most Anticipated New Landmark of Commercial Real Estate of the Year, and Most Influential Commercial Real Estate of the Year. Helenbergh Commercial has shown the industry its strong management ability and corporate strengths, bolstering the confidence of all real estate developers.

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A Prosperous Commercial District Jointly Developed by Helen World and JD Mall

JD.com officially entered the e-commerce sector in 2004 and ranked 59th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2021. In May 2014, JD.com went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, thus becoming the first comprehensive e-commerce platform in China to be successfully listed in the United States. In June 2020, JD.com launched its second IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In early 2017, JD.com fully transformed into a technology-oriented company and has cashed in 75 billion yuan to this end so far. JD.com positions itself as a supply chain-based technology and service company with businesses covering retail, technology, logistics, health, insurance, industrial development, international trade and industrial products. As a new type of company featuring both the genes and attributes of industrial enterprises and digital capabilities, the group is promoting its industrial businesses in all aspects and driving the real economy toward high-quality development in a sustainable manner with its solid and innovative experience.

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Kunming Helen World, a flagship commercial project in Wujiaba sub-area, covers a landmass of over 1 million square meters. Backed by Helenbergh Spring City Time Garden,  a favorable business complex with an area of more than 5 million square meters, Helen World is well-positioned to “create a trendy urban destination” and provide an enriched experience mixing sports, art, business, culture and tourism. From preparation to operation, Helen World has insights into the youth culture, and pools multiple resources to lead a path of co-development among a super business district, quality brands and a consumer base. The scaled project with an edge on architectural design now accommodates nearly 1,000 high-quality brand stores, including 50-plus city’s first stores, flagship stores and upgraded brands.

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Helen World precisely grasps the demand of young people, and gives full play to its advantages in scenarios, innovative marketing and quality improvement to meet the demand of its target customer group. Therefore, the strategic collaboration between Helen World and JD Mall brings to local industry and consumers in Kunming not only an urban commercial upgrade, but also a youth culture incubator that can unleash unlimited vitality in a limited commercial space. Helenbergh believes that with the capacity to achieve continuous commercial innovation and develop consumption scenarios, Helen World business district will render a more wonderful life experience.

Increasing JD Malls to Become A New Commercial Landmark

The upgrading consumption has driven customers to pursue high-end and quality products, and the awakening of such new consumer consciousness proposes higher requirements for the sales channels. JD MALL, a new brand established by JD.com, expands its product category to deliver an immersive shopping experience both online and offline.

Apart from being a sought-after shopping destination, JD Mall also serves as a “new show field” for brand manufacturers to showcase new products and talk with consumers. For brands, the omnichannel business pattern of JD Mall can combine experience with product display, and provide a new communication and interaction space for consumers and brands in an immersive way, thus stimulating consumer demand, and empowering brand awareness. The ground-breaking omnichannel business mode of JD Mall creates a digital closed loop of people, goods and sites that effectively strengthens the connection between channels, brands and consumers, cuts communication costs, and improves efficiency and experience, rendering new opportunities for market growth.

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JD Mall is committed to building a “Quality Life Circle” centering on cutting-edge technologies and smart products, a must-go shopping landmark where consumers can better enjoy life. Currently, JD Electric Super Experience Stores have opened and operated in Chongqing, Hefei and Xi'an one after another,  and have become new local commercial landmarks. Underpinned by the settlement of JD Super Experience Store, Kunming Helen World shopping district is poised to bring a new experience to the city's retail sector.

Steady Progress Contributes to Better Urban Development

Helenbergh Commercial adheres to the philosophy of high-quality commercial management and services, and is committed to becoming a leading urban integrated operator in China that delivers a new commercial experience to the city. As JD Mall joins Kunming Helen World under Helenbergh Commercial, both parties strive to develop a new business district in Kunming with their unique operation capabilities.

Going forward, Helenbergh Commercial will stick to the workmanship by further exploring a diversity of lifestyles and creating a new commercial experience for residents to lead a better life in Kunming.

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