Yuexiang Delivery: Helenbergh Delivered over 30,000 Houses by September, Covering near 3 Million Sqm

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This year, Helenbergh has won recognition from the market for its always high-quality delivery of houses. Cric China, a research agency in real estate, marked that the wide acknowledgement is closely related to Helenbergh’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, its persistence in high-quality and steady development, as well as its relentless pursuit of outstanding products and services.

The institute also believes that three elements will be powerful tools to get enterprises through the real estate industry cycle safe and sound. They are: the capacity to provide extremely quality products and services, targeted efforts at the synergy of various business chains, innovative product design and the implementation of engineering management standards, as well as improvement of delivery capacity on all fronts.

01 Concierge-style Delivery Services

Helenbergh adopts a customer-oriented approach to advancing construction projects, and helps the owners embark on a better life with its professionalism and passion. Many of its projects have been delivered to owners in different cities and regions, earning recognition and a good reputation.

These quality projects delivered in large quantity scatter in major cities. Specifically, Huizhou Helenbergh Hailun Mingjun welcomed nearly 800 owners to move in; Jiangmen Helenbergh Impression Helen bay embraced close to 500 owners; Zhongshan Helenbergh Qingyuntai delivered some 400 new houses to owners.

Whole-process delivery services by Helenbergh staff

To further improve the experience of house delivery, Helenbergh came up with the concierge-style delivery for projects in difference cities. It also worked to ensure convenient and efficient delivery procedure and provide owners with considerate and warm services.

Helenbergh staff welcome the owners to new homes

At some delivery sites, the lovely mascot of Helenbergh Haixiaobao was used for decoration. Staff dressed like the God of Wealth, passing delicious snacks to the owners. Other celebrations include cute cotton sugar made for kids, and entertainment areas such as “Angry Birds” and “Clown Giving Balloons”, adding a tinge of happiness to all.

In addition to the thoughtful services, the owners spoke highly of Helenbergh’s house quality. For example, in the first concentrated delivery of some key projects, the delivery rate reached as high as 94.28% and the satisfaction rate totaled at 96.3%.

02 Property Ownership Certificate upon Delivery

To make the delivery process more convenient, Helenbergh worked with relevant authorities and managed to help owners receive the property ownership certificates at the moment of delivery. Relevant policies beneficial to such convenience have also been facilitated.

Certificate upon delivery is implemented in many projects

For instance, on the day of batch delivery in the projects Jiangmen Helenbergh Impression Helen Bay and Huizhou Helenbergh Hailun Yiju, ownership certificates were rendered to owners along with the house keys. Such facilitation of local delivery policy makes house delivery more convenience for owners.

Cric China also praised such measure. As it pointed out, the policy of certificate upon delivery means that the property developers need to complete the receiving inspection as well as services for delivery of both the house and the ownership certificate in advance.

“Such measure prompts real estate enterprises to enhance project management and focus more on quality. They also have to secure various services ahead of schedule to implement the certificate upon delivery policy.”added Cric China.

03 Happy Community of Refined Quality

Helenbergh's house delivery of high quality relies on its pursuit of workmanship, as it always requires rigorous standards in advancing construction and building an outstanding community.

In terms of construction material management, Helenbergh runs a mature and strict sampling and testing procedure, covering brand and manufacturer selection, arrival inspection, submission and re-inspection, and spot check. Such whole-process management helps ensure sound quality of materials.

Furthermore, Helenbergh keeps improving and upgrading construction technologies based on its research on customer demand and conclusion in engineering management over the past few years. It has also responded to the national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, in line with the industrialization development trend of construction engineering, by applying advanced techniques like aluminum alloy modeling process, intelligent climbing frame and thin plastering or plaster-free construction since 2016. In 2022, its precision construction 1.0 system took shape and turned mature later.

Besides, the three-point project management action plan that Helenbergh adopted requires strict project planning and evaluation, taking the prototype room as the standard and the inspection system at key links of completion. For the 11 key processes and links of the project, including the waterproof layer of kitchen and bathroom, exterior doors, walls and windows, as well as garden landscape, which are of the most concerns to owners, Helenbergh strictly requires its construction sites, supervising units and construction units to implement the hold point acceptance system and the billboard acceptance system. And senior management and the general project managers are asked to attend the acceptance on site, and workers to pay more attention to quality.

  It is also worth mentioning that Helenbergh takes the initiative of technological innovation to establish a reliable brand for quality control named Jinggong Zhijian, meaning refined engineering and intelligent construction. Helenbergh has launched a business processes of core quality control scenarios involving project Kanban management, report center, material management, process acceptance, sample management and site inspection, to achieve comprehensive collaboration, full-scenario coverage and management improvement, with more focus on the practical implementation of engineering management standards.

Fine quality indicated in every detail of delivered projects

Following the high standard of whole-process quality control, Helenbergh has rendered a host of benchmark projects and is working on building better communities.

Helenbergh Building communities of the best quality

Helenbergh asks all project teams to follow the its requirements of a reliable quality and a spirit of craftsmanship. A best-quality community is thus built through links such as drawings reviewing, material inspection and acceptance, sample implementation, design optimization and quality improvement until the overall completion.

The project Zhongshan Helenbergh Qingyuntai also embodies such pursuit of exquisiteness. Its exterior facets adopt modern architectural style featuring distinctiveness, sense of design and quality.

The community themed “a life feast in park”is inspired by the mountains and forests in Wugui Mountains. Owners can lead a poetic life in the landscape garden-like community immersed in nature.

04 Whole-process Delivery System

The whole-process delivery service system is the cornerstone of Helenbergh’s sustained quality house delivery. Guided by the market trend and customer demand, Helenbergh constantly perfects its delivery services and have forged a system called Yuexiang that serves as a benchmark for the industry.

Specifically, Helenbergh has set eight touch spots of delivery service, including Yuejian (blueprint), Yueqian (contract-signing), Yuelai (Helenbergh‘s welcome letter), Yuekong (risk control), Yueyan (delivery and acceptance), Yuejian (construction site tour and new home experience), Yueshou (acceptance as scheduled) and Yuexiang (community services).

The entire customer journey of Yuexiang covers all procedures before and after delivery.

On top of that, Helenbergh has continuously optimized its delivery standard system and set up an industry leading “3+2” delivery system to ensure delivery quality and management level.

The system mainly consists of three parts and two management tools, namely ten steps of risk control, four quality inspection standards and two delivery activities coupled with customer service system and Jinggong Zhijian app that is an online engineering management platform.

The ten steps of risk control involves unified measures that cover the entire project cycle to prevent risks from the source, thus securing high quality.

The four inspection links refer to complete inspection for every house, water- and leakage-proof inspection, quality evaluation and final acceptance inspection. A total of 2,414 testing points were inspected throughout the four links. During the construction, Helenbergh also sticks to a strict standard for quality in engineering and final delivery, with attention paid to every detail.

It believes that quality delivery stands as the core and all-round competitiveness of real estate developers. Going forward, Helenbergh will steadily march forward, continue to optimize its delivery services, improve the delivery service system and provide more quality houses to customers for them to enjoy a better city life.

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